Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Most Aesthetically Appealing Caterpillar Roll Ever

Still down here in North Carolina, last night Ron and I went to Yianni's Greek Restaurant here in Morganton. They have sushi night on Tuesdays, and we had never had their sushi so we checked it out.

Ron got some Yuengling Beer, and I started with a Merlot that was so so, and it turned into a Chianti which was good. For dinner we got a tempura roll, some salmon sashimi, and, this fabulous Caterpillar Roll....tell me this isn't great.

Look at this, dude looks like a little Caterpillar running through the mud complete with antennas...or feelers, whatever you want to call them. The sushi was pretty good, better than I would expect from a place that only does it once a week.
The only downside to this dinner was the for the second time on this trip, Ron and I did not get the appetizer that we ordered....I have had issues with getting lemonade in this state too.....strange. One more day in NC, then I'm out.

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