Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Germany - Few more pictures for Munich & Energy Conservation

I have had a few complaints that I am not in any of the pictures I post, which is typical of most pictures I take, and Martin Rommuler just emailed us the pictures his wife took, so here are a few more of the guys from Sundays trip

I know, there are some beer drinkers having issues with a wine drinker at the gates to heaven

Atop the Tower.....clearly posing

Martin was nice enough to allow me to "Cheers" with my wine glass

And of course, the soft pretzels
Other than that, I just have a few tid bits on energy conservation and being "green" here in Germany
Especially Stuttgart, a lot of the tops of buildings have grass, bushes, weeds, anything green growing on them, sorry this is a bad pic, but that is all grass on the top of those buildings

At Motel One, this was not the case at the Park Hotel, you have to put your room key in a activator inside the room to get the power to come on for everything. So when you leave the room, everything turns off....good idea.....unless you are trying to charge something while you are gone.

And, last but not least, I just learned today what the different buttons are for above the toilet, one is for water, and one is for more water....I guess it is at the users discretion to determine what they need.

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